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    Dilidili, established in 2013, is formerly known as "Nameless Station"(NS), meaning modesty. At the beginning, NS was not that popular and only for individuals watching or chasing comics and animation. After the development and maintenance, NS was highly recommended by many animation fans, which directly enhanced the popularity of the website. Occasionally, NS registered a domain name -- "Dilidili", and this name is more welcome by the young people. Consequently, NS officially changed its name to "Dilidili" in 2015, simply called "D site".

    One of the core business of D site is operating the video platform, mainly through aggregation, User Generated Content (UGC), users' secondary creation (subtitle groups translating and uploading the content), the purchase of copyright and resource replacement. In fact, video owners (content), platforms (server and distribution strategy plus community atmosphere), and users (viewing, commenting, content-based social communications, relevant consumption and other supporting behaviors) are all valuable in this business chain.

    For D site, we welcome all users who has or accept the 2-D aesthetics, behavior patterns and related derivative ecology. Currently, this group of people constitutes billions of world population. Compared with other similar sites, i.e. A station and B station, D site only contains comics and animation videos, that’s why more users prefer D site. D site is more user-friendly and user consideration, where you can not only watch the latest and the most completed animation series, but also discuss related issues and make friends with other congenial users. At the same time, there are abundant comic and animation resources waiting for you.

    After managed by Dilidili Technology Co. for 2 years, Dilidili will be fully taken over by SingaporeInfinity Edge foundation PET.LTD on March 14th , 2019.

    Never forget why you started and this is the only way to the brighter end. Although Dilidili has changed the operator, its initiatives will keep forever. We believe Dilidili will step forward with the spirit of the founding team, and finally create a dream land for all comic & animation lovers.

    Please continue to support Dilidili as ever before!